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School districts are unable to learn from the vendor experience of their peers; this includes discounts negotiated, implementation issues encountered, and services deficiencies identified.

Please Join our Webinar – An Introduction to the TEC Data Platform

Feb. 13, 2017    |    Hal Friedlander

Tuesday February 28 at Noon Eastern Time This introductory webinar will get you up and running on TEC’s platform. The webinar will go over the key functions of the platform, including adding data, requesting product data and generating comparative reports. Please click here to RSVP for the webinar.  If you have not already, please click … Continued

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Education Leaders Absent from EdTech Corner Offices

Sep. 30, 2016    |    Hal Friedlander

Be Back Soon!  

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ConnectED Day Webinar: Planning Sustainable Tech Programs Through Genius Procurement, E-Rate, & ConnectED

Sep. 1, 2016    |    Hal Friedlander

Thanks everyone for joining. Here’s a link to the Decks. TEC Deck EducationSuperHighway Deck Video coming soon. New Panelist! Aarti Bhatnagar, Senior District Advisor from EducationSuperHighway will discuss free district support for e-rate applications As part of ConnectED Day on September 13 at 3pm Eastern Standard Time, TEC is proud to present our webinar “Planning Sustainable … Continued

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Why Price Matters

Apr. 11, 2016    |    Hal Friedlander

Or “trying to explain several complex economic and sociological ideas and how they impact school districts technology decisions in less than 1000 words”. So our brand new non-profit, Technology for Education Consortium has been at it for about two months. Our first effort, a study of what schools pay for iPads, has received a lot … Continued

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This one idea will make you an instant EdTech genius

Nov. 24, 2015    |    Hal Friedlander

Ok I am about to reveal the most shocking edtech idea you have ever read and yes this one idea will make you an instant edtech genius. You will astound your friends and colleagues.

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5 crazy steps edtech companies can do right now to get your product bought by NYC DOE

Oct. 7, 2015    |    Hal Friedlander

Against my better judgement, the increasingly rabid conversation around edtech has driven me blog. So let’s just right into the middle. The number one issue that is preventing schools and companies from really seeing the value of technology in the classroom is procurement.

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