TEC gathers and reports data on school education technology contractual terms, costs, and procurement policies. It is one part of our overall strategy to analyze price, service terms, implementation/integration costs, and buying policies so that we can help schools better understand their return of investment and support better procurement policies.

TEC takes seriously our responsibility to prevent any misuse of data. We believe that part of this responsibility is to communicate the following specific policies for use of the data we collect:

  • TEC will use detailed data to develop analyses, reports, presentations, and policy papers available to the general public. Data will be aggregated by geography (e.g., regional, state) as well as other characteristics (e.g., socioeconomic composition) and presented with grouped statistics. Where individual district data points are used to illustrate a specific point, they will always be presented in an anonymized fashion unless a district has specifically opted-in to allow us to use its name.
  • We will share detailed data with governmental organizations such as the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), and state education agencies and their intermediate units upon request and within their respective jurisdictions.
  • School districts will have access to aggregate national and regional data and anonymized data. They will not be given identifying data for specific users without the explicit permission of participating users.
  • Research partners may have access to specific non-public parts of our collected data for the purposes of pursuing a specific research goal that advances the TEC mission. Any data shared with a non-governmental agency will be governed by an agreement limiting its use to the specified research project.
  • Commercial entities will not have access to any data beyond what is released by TEC to the general public, other than when we partner with them for research purposes as described above.

Any data collected through TEC products and services will empower our district members with the information they need to support better technology procurement practices and increase return on investment for education technology products.

Should you have any feedback about our data usage policy, we’d like to hear from you at info@techedconsortium.org.