Technology for Education Consortium (“TEC”) Participation Commitment

I understand that The Technology for Education Consortium (TEC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring transparency, efficiency, and collaboration to K-12 schools engaged in evaluating and purchasing education technology products and services. TEC aims to support greater transparency and access to better information for school districts to improve technology use, reduce costs, and support new product development.

I understand that TEC is inviting my district/school association and other districts/school associations to participate in, education technology procurement analysis, at no charge.

I agree to support TEC’s analysis by completing TEC’s surveys and when possible providing access to copies of contracts and other relevant documents that include the costs of technology devices and software.

As a benefit of my participation, I understand that TEC will provide me with reports and analysis showing my district’s costs and contract terms in comparison to those of other participating districts.

I understand that there is no cost to my district to participate in TEC’s analysis. In the future, if TEC chooses to offer a premium service option to participating districts, I understand that there is no obligation for my district to participate.

By registering to participate in TEC, I understand that my name, my district’s name and submitted contact information will be included on TEC’s internal member roster. I also understand that the roster will be managed as described in TEC’s Data Policy document available at