TEC Edtech Procurement Support

Based on member interest, TEC now offers a suite of services to support school district procurement of edtech products and service (hardware and software).

TEC will offer district services to support more transparent, efficient and collaborative edtech procurement all aligned with district/state policies. Services will support the three phases of edtech procurement:

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Product discovery
  3. Product procurement


TEC will initially focus services on specific edtech products and services.

  • Learn management software
  • Reading software
  • Math software
  • Classroom management software
  • Student Information Services
  • Student and teacher devices


Phase 1 Support Services
Needs assessment: Provide tools and materials essential for analysis and communication prior to large or complex technology procurement.

  • Step-by-step process established clear publishable criteria for product selection
  • Ensure engagement of critical stakeholders
  • Support buy-in across district
  • Review district/state procurement policies
  • Develop a clearly defined product spec
  • Provide interoperability review


Phase 2 Support Services
Product discovery: Ensure fair and comprehensive discovery process with all candidate vendors.

  • Provide market overview of key product usage and pricing
  • Report peer usage and cost information
  • Facilitate market representation
  • Publish results to all stakeholders


Phase 3 Support Services
Product procurement: Ensure comprehensive process management and documentation for execution of efficient procurement process.

  • RFP or bid development support
  • Vendor communication management
  • Define product selection criteria
  • Contract negotiation and development


TEC believes in transparent pricing. Schools should know what products and services cost in advance. We realize that we are pioneers in this regard and believe that school leaders and board members will agree that price transparency is better for schools.

TEC edtech support services pricing:

  • There is an annual TEC premium membership fee of $20,000 per district/learning organization for Phase 1 and 2 support services
  • For Phase 3 support services, TEC charges 10% of products procured or contracts negotiated


*TEC aims to provide transparent pricing for services. Please reach out with any questions.

Contact for more information or to get started today.